Get Your Garage Geared Up for Fall

By Published On: September 29, 2022Categories: Articles

Summers in the Midwest are short. Sometimes they feel too short. As the long, leisurely nights make their way into after school bonfires, it is time to get your house prepped for the cooler weather. One area that can be overlooked is the garage. Since having four seasons means having multiple sets of seasonal items, making sure you have room to store everything, and access what you need, is a midwestern must. We have compiled some tips to help you get your garage in top shape before the snow flies.

  • Clean the Clutter. Before spending any time organizing, make sure you go through your current items and get rid of anything broken or things you may no longer need. Often, if the items are in good shape you can find them a new home on sites like Nextdoor or Facebook Marketplace. Once you are down to just the essentials you can really see the space you have and options for organization.
  • Go for the Sweep. Summer winds bring a lot of dust and dirt into our spaces, and the garage is a hotspot for debris. Make sure you give the floor a good sweep, or bring out the leaf-blower for some extra power, to give yourself a clean slate for fall.
  • Think Outside the Box. While grouping and storing items together in tubs is a tried and true organizational method, sometimes there just is not enough real estate for the amount of bins. When looking for ways to store your items, make sure you explore options like the walls and ceiling. There are multiple options available to add storage such as peg boards, wall systems, and even pulleys to hang items like bikes out of the way. Getting creative with your storage can allow you to take full advantage of your space.
  • Stay Within Reach. When moving into a new season, think about what you will need to have handy for the upcoming situations. When the snow is falling and you need to run a quick errand, the last thing you want to do is dig through clutter to find your shovel and salt. While the flurries may still be months (fingers crossed) away, it is a good idea to plan ahead and place the items you will need for winter in a place with easy access for when you need them.
  • Out of Sight. In the same way you are keeping things you will soon need within reach, get the things you won’t need out of your way and stored properly. Be sure to winterize items by draining all gas, oil, and other additives from the tools and disposing of the fluids properly. Clean and sharpen your tools before putting them away so they are fresh and ready when you pull them out in the spring. A little preparation now will save you time in the future.

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