Tribal Governments & Gaming

Our specialized gaming-related accounting and financial services are designed for state lotteries, corporate gaming, casinos and other types of gaming facilities, including tribal-owned casinos. Each of these have unique needs with regulations and compliance requirements.

SDK has over two decades as a trusted advisor for tribal governments. Our long history of working effectively with tribal communities has given us the depth of knowledge needed to work toward their special local and federal concerns.


The legal requirements for corporate, tribal and lottery gaming necessitates maintenance of minimal internal control standards. Accounting and consulting services necessary to accommodate these requirements should come from professionals with deep knowledge and experience in the complexities of gaming according to state, local and/or tribal standards. This is accomplished by fostering accounting best practices.

Tribal Governments

The mission of tribal governments is to improve the lives of their community members. Tribal entities must remain in compliance so they may continue to support their community. Trust is a large factor in tribal dealings with outsiders, so confidentiality in all business and personal ventures is of the highest concern and value to the professionals at SDK.



Whether assisting with casino management or regulating gaming facilities, state lotteries, corporate gaming or any other type of gaming enterprise, SDK considers the unique needs, history and challenges of each entity. We’re well-versed in the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) and its related regulations, and thus familiar with the National Indian Gaming Commission. Our years of experience with corporate and tribal gaming, as well as state-run lotteries, provide great value to gaming clients. Our ongoing training keeps us up-to-date with new regulations for reporting and tracking, which we pass on to our clients. We then help clients incorporate best practices and develop programs to facilitate compliance.

Tribal Governments

SDK is uniquely qualified to work with Native American communities, with decades of experience in tribal, state and federal laws while working within the culture. We understand concerns, program opportunities and regulations. We help assure compliance and the ability to gain every qualifying benefit possible for our clients. We provide additional value for our services by:

  • Accessibility – there when you need us; easily reached, walking alongside, building relationships of trust, confidence and partnership to help navigate ever-changing laws, regulations and opportunities
  • Feedback and Discussion – We provide a sounding board regarding clients’ ideas and best practices
  • Proactive Education – We facilitate training and resources for tribal government personnel so they can be independent while being supported by our staff
  • Breadth of Experience – We possess a deep understanding of existing tax laws and what communities need

Featured Services

General Gaming and Casinos

  • Audits of financial statements

    • Casinos (Non-tribal and non-tribal)
    • Yellow book (government audit standards)
    • Employee benefit plans
  • Agreed-upon procedures

    • Testing of Minimum Internal Control
    • Standards (MICS)
    • Outsourced internal audit services
    • External Title 31 compliance
    • State Lottery management
    • Construction audits

Tribal Government

  • Audits of financial statements – Government-wide

    • Single audit (A-133)
    • Yellow book (government audit standards)
    • HUD
  • Housing Authority

    • Single audit (A-133)
    • Yellow book (government audit standards)
    • HUD
  • Enterprise funds
  • Component units
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Agreed-upon procedures

    • Review internal compliance (e.g., Education/Welfare funds)

Other Services

  • Due diligence
  • Risk assessment for Title 31 Compliance
  • Hiring assistance for key employees
  • Fraud investigation
  • Litigation support
  • Interim CFO outsourcing
  • Trustee Services

    • Minor trust tax returns
  • Prepare audit support work papers
  • Accounting assistance


SDK’s years of experience and ongoing training helps gaming and tribal government clients get through the paperwork and establish workable systems for accounting. Our relationships and experience with tribal governments make us an ideal choice to work within those communities for generations to come. Contact us today to see how we might help bring your organization to the next level.