Non-profit organizations have a unique set of accounting-related needs, often very different from those of small businesses or of any other industry, because non-profits obtain resources through donations, fundraisers and grants.

They need professionals with experience and training to help manage the host of government regulatory and other requirements for accountability, on top of normal daily, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks and reports required for any business.

SDK CPAs specializes in custom services, personally addressing the unique needs and characteristics of any non-profit. Non-profits often host passionate volunteers who give their time, resources and heart out of care for the mission of the organization. This often means board members may not be proficient or experienced in the requirements for administration, or best practices in accounting procedures for running the organization with all the stakeholders’ goals in mind.

Every professional from SDK CPAs strives to do more than complete a task. We prefer to build partnerships with our clients by checking in regularly, sharing personal non-profit insights, educating board members and helping accounting and finance staff develop their own accounting acumen and financial literacy. We want clients to feel free to bounce ideas off us, to receive validation and assurances as well as to be presented with new ideas and options.


Non-profit organizations look for ways to make the most of their resources. It might seem prudent to look for the least expensive services or to outsource as little as possible to conserve funds. The truth is, the value of services is best measured by getting the best results. When you don’t have staff with the necessary skill sets, it can save money to outsource certain projects. You avoid the wasted time, frustration and expense of turnover. It’s always best to go with pros that have a track record with non-profits to make sure your organization is in compliance, not being wasteful with time or money and getting proper counsel the first time.

One of the cornerstones of our firm is that we also volunteer and serve on boards in our communities, so we know what you’re going through. Additionally, our non-profit team collectively holds memberships and certifications with various respected non-profit organizations such as AICPA Not for Profit section, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, Non-profit Financial Group of the Twin Cities.

Featured Services

No two non-profits are completely alike in their goals, resources, experience or vision. These organizations need to receive customized and personal services from their accounting professionals.

We serve many types of non-profit organizations such as:

  • Healthcare, senior living, assisted living, nursing facilities and other healthcare organizations
  • Religious organizations, churches, parachurch organizations and ministries
  • Community, arts-related non-profits, community groups, independent schools and native-led organizations

We offer many services as part of our clients’ personally customized plans:

  • Financial Statement preparation
  • Audit and attest services:

    • Financial statement audits
    • Single audits in accordance with Uniform Guidance
    • Agreed upon procedures
    • Benefit plan (401(k) and 403(b)) audits
    • Financial statement reviews
  • Compilations of financial statements
  • Bookkeeping and financial controls
  • Accounting software training and implementation
  • Strategic planning and organizational consulting
  • Consulting: projects and other officer duties
  • Payroll
  • Streamlined bill paying


While you’re focused on your mission, SDK CPAs is focused on the financial health of your organization. Contact us to discuss your particular needs, hopes, goals and dreams for your non-profit organization.