Accounting Services

Working side by side to provide meaningful and
well-organized financial information

Accounting Services

Working side by side to provide meaningful and well-organized financial information

Accounting Solutions Tailored To Fit Your Needs.

We begin with a solid foundation of accounting know-how, developed over decades with roots in national-level experience.

SDK’s Accounting Services group provides traditional accounting services to businesses of all sizes. Our professionals are technically trained to apply the best accounting solution to your particular need, including:

  • Financial statement compilations and reviews
  • General bookkeeping services – monthly, quarterly, or annual
  • Payroll tax returns and W-2 preparation
  • QuickBooks installation and training
  • Business consulting and budgeting

Client Accounting & Advisory Services (CAAS)

SDK now provides a new service for our clients which we call CAAS, a bundled offering that includes accounting, financial and performance reporting services. It allows businesses to completely outsource their internal accounting department and have near real time financial and dashboard reports.

From the basics to advanced financial practices, our CAAS services cover four areas:

  1. Offload Accounting Essentials such as payroll, invoicing, bill pay and more.
  2. Enhance Financial Fundamentals like financial reports and expense management.
  3. Gain Business Insights through financial statement analysis and tracking key performance indicators
  4. Plan Profitable Growth with budgeting and forecasting.

Software Solutions

Our professionals are knowledgeable and trained in a variety of software applications such as Sage Peachtree and QuickBooks™. Our Advanced Pro QuickBooks certified advisors provide installation assistance, training and overall monitoring from a business perspective — a service our clients find invaluable.

SDK on Location

In addition to operating as a traditional CPA firm, we are able to provide services on-site and remotely. We focus on the books so you can focus on growing your business. Some services include:

  • Improvement of client accounting systems, procedures and organization
  • Assistance with hiring an internal accounting staff
  • Controller functions
  • Payroll, accounts receivables and payables operations
  • Budgeting
  • Internal assistance with the paperwork of employee benefit plans
  • Assist with preparation for outside auditors
  • Asset/cash management

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We want you to realize your success as much as you do, so a shareholder is available at all times to help you achieve your goals.