Summer Staycations to Help You Save

By Published On: July 28, 2022Categories: Articles

With rising costs of travel and entertainment, more people are looking to “staycations” this summer to take a break and relax. Not familiar with the term “staycation”? It is literally the combination of the terms “stay” and “vacation” meaning you participate in leisure activities while staying close to home. While getting out of town may still be the choice for you, there are plenty of fun possibilities right in our area to check out if you prefer to stay close. Check out the list we put together and look for similar options in your area.

Take a Tour. Chances are there are plenty of places in your area you have always wanted to get to, but just have not had the chance yet. Check out that museum or local attraction and take your time since you have the luxury of time on your side since you are local.

Make a Bet. In many locations there are casinos within driving distance that play host to big name entertainers and events. Even if there is not an event happening during your staycation, you can still hit the casino for the slots and betting games for a fun change of pace. Check the online schedule and make a plan to place your bets!

Take a Hike. Just because you are local doesn’t mean you have explored every park or hiking trail in the area. Check out the maps and plan a hike to a new, fun location you have never seen. You will get your steps in while getting to know your home base even better.

Find a New Hangout. There are probably a few restaurants or bars that you love to frequent in your area, but for your staycation, step outside your comfort zone and find a new place to visit. Check the online reviews and look for a place people are raving about that you have never been to and give it a shot! You may just find a new favorite hangout!

Learn a Skill. Even though COVID lockdowns gave us a lot of opportunities to learn new skills, there may still be something new you have been wanting to learn. Never solved a Rubik’s cube? Give it a shot. Want to take up wood carving? There is probably a class for that. Learning new skills is always a great way to spend some time!

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