Walking, or Hiking, in a Winter Wonderland

By Published On: December 22, 2021Categories: Articles

While December marks the official start to winter, many of us have already been feeling the effects of the changing weather. With temperatures hovering just above freezing and snow on the ground, it may be tempting to stay inside and wait for spring, but we have put together a list of fun things to do outside this winter. 

Skis, bikes and snowmobiles. Minnesota is packed with trails from top to bottom allowing for all kinds of winter activities. Whether cross-country skiing, fat tire biking, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling is your desired method of transportation, there is a trail out there for you. Many of the trails also offer amazing views of the natural wonders of Minnesota’s forests, lakes and rivers. Find your next adventure on the MN trails site here.

All Hail King Boreas! Legend has it that the “King of the Winds”, King Boreas, declared St. Paul, MN as the capitol of his domain. Each year the city of St. Paul celebrates King Boreas and his fellow winter royalty with the Winter Carnival, which includes multiple events and celebrations throughout the city. Check the official website here for details and descriptions of events.

Only in Minnesota. There are many hobbies and sports that people may look at and think “only in Minnesota”, and that should be considered a badge of honor! Minnesota is the home of more curling clubs than any other state, has dog sled teams ready to help you explore the terrain, and our ice fishing is second to none. To test out your dog sled mushing skills, check out the city of Ely’s website here to find a guide and team. 

It’s all downhill. While Minnesota may not be the best in the world for downhill skiing, it still provides multiple locations to get out and enjoy the slopes. Take a trip to Duluth and enjoy multiple locations suited for all skill levels. Not interested in skiing, no worries, many locations also provide opportunities for tubing or sledding as well. Check out some of the activities available here.

No matter if you get out and explore or choose to stay cuddled by the fire, the team at SDK hopes you enjoy this holiday season. Don’t forget to reach out to us with any questions as we head into the new year by calling us at 612-332-5500 or connecting with us over email at info@sdkacpa.com.