Preparing Your Lawn for Winter: A Quick Guide

By Published On: September 27, 2023Categories: Articles

As autumn’s vibrant foliage gives way to the crisp, chilly days of winter in Minnesota, it’s time to shift your focus from lawn maintenance to winter preparation. Getting your lawn ready for winter is crucial to ensure it bounces back to life in the spring with lush greenery. In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to prepare your Minnesota lawn for the long, snowy season ahead.

  • Lawn Cleanup: Before winter sets in, give your lawn a thorough cleanup. Remove fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris that can smother the grass and create an ideal breeding ground for pests and diseases. Raking or using a leaf blower is an effective way to clear your lawn.
  • Mowing: Trim your grass one last time before winter, but avoid cutting it too short. Set your mower blade to a height of about 2.5 to 3 inches. Taller grass can better withstand the harsh winter conditions and is less susceptible to disease.
  • Fertilization: Applying a winter fertilizer with a high potassium content is essential. Potassium strengthens grass and helps it withstand the cold. Apply the fertilizer in late fall, typically around late October to early November, when the grass is still actively growing.
  • Aeration: Aerating your lawn in the fall helps improve soil aeration and water penetration. Rent or purchase a lawn aerator to perforate the soil, allowing essential nutrients and oxygen to reach the grassroots.
  • Overseeding: Fall is an excellent time to overseed your lawn to fill in any bare spots and promote thicker grass. Choose a cool-season grass seed blend that is well-suited to the Minnesota climate. After seeding, lightly rake the area and keep it consistently moist until the new grass establishes itself.
  • Snow Removal Equipment: Make sure your snow removal equipment is in good working condition. Check your snowblower, shovels, and ice melt supplies, so you’re ready when the first snowfall arrives.
  • Prune Trees and Shrubs: Trim overhanging branches and shrubs to prevent damage from heavy snow and ice. This will also help ensure sunlight can reach your lawn during the winter months.
  • Protect Against Salt Damage: De-icing salt can be harmful to your lawn. Consider using alternatives like sand or kitty litter on driveways and walkways to minimize salt exposure to your grass.
  • Winterize Irrigation System: If you have an underground sprinkler system, it’s crucial to winterize it to prevent freezing and costly repairs. Drain the system and blow out any remaining water using an air compressor.
  • Lawn Care During Winter: While your lawn will be mostly dormant during winter, it’s a good idea to periodically check for snow mold or excessive thatch buildup. Lightly rake the lawn if necessary to prevent these issues.

Preparing your lawn for the Minnesota winter is a crucial step in maintaining its health, just like working with SDK CPAs is a smart financial step for your business. Reach out to our team today at 612-332-5500 or email us at to discuss your specific needs. Take the time now to care for your lawn, and your business, and you’ll enjoy a solid future for years to come.