Quick Tips for Spring Cleaning

By Published On: March 30, 2022Categories: Articles

The temperatures outside are starting to rise and spring is just around the corner. For many of us, that means more time outside and mud…I mean FUN. While I joke about the mud, it is no joke that spring is the time a lot of us choose to put some extra focus into getting our homes looking fresh. Read below for some quick, slightly quirky, tasks to check off your spring cleaning checklist.

  • Not-So-Welcome-Mat. After a long winter of snow and big boots, your welcome mat may be looking anything but. Make an easy upgrade to your entry with a quick sweep of the area and a clean or change of your mat. Getting all the winter gunk off will help get you started on the right, and clean, foot.
  • Start From the Top. It is good cleaning practice to start your cleaning from clean to dirty, but also think about going top to bottom as well. During the months our homes are closed up, dust and dirt can settle on shelves, ledges, railing, etc. and making sure to remove that first will give anything in the air time to settle before you move on to finishing touches like vacuuming and floors.
  • Bring in the Breeze. One of the best things about spring is the clean, fresh air blowing outside. Bring that freshness inside by opening up all your windows and cleaning out the screens and window sills. If you are really up for some fun, head outside and clean the outsides of all your windows! They may look clean from the inside, but once the outsides are clean they will really shine!
  • Brighten Up. To get some extra light in your home, try cleaning up your light fixtures. A sponge and some all purpose cleaner will get them shining like a new penny! While you are at it, check for any burnt out bulbs and think about upgrading to LEDs for long lasting light.
  • Lost and Found. If you have a designated area in your home for those lost socks or random things found in pockets, now is a good time to clean it out and start fresh. Turn those lonely socks into cleaning rags and save some paper towels during your other cleaning endeavors.
  • Vacuum Your Vehicle. While it may not be top-of-mind when you think about spring cleaning, by the end of a long winter most cars could use some cleaning love. Pull out your mats, vacuum under the seats, and find that long lost french fry you dropped ages ago. Throw in a new air freshener and you will have those new car feelings all over again!
  • Press Play. Our electronics and remotes are typically used daily, but cleaned rarely. Take this opportunity to run a disinfecting wipe over electronics in your home, including all remotes, game controllers, smart devices and cords. 

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